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It has been estimated that a bite from a grizzly could even crush a bowling ball. The grizzly bear is listed as threatened in the contiguous United States and endangered in parts of Canada.

Fish and Wildlife Service. Within the United States, the U. Fish and Wildlife Service concentrates its effort to restore grizzly bears in six recovery areas.

The grizzly population in these areas is estimated at in the Northern Continental Divide, in Yellowstone, 40 in the Yaak portion of the Cabinet-Yaak, and 15 in the Cabinet portion in northwestern Montana , in Selkirk region of Idaho, 10—20 in the North Cascades, and none currently in Selway-Bitterroots, although there have been sightings.

In the recovery areas that adjoin Canada, bears also move back and forth across the international boundary.

The U. On 9 January , the US Fish and Wildlife Service proposed to remove Yellowstone grizzlies from the list of threatened and protected species.

Fish and Wildlife Service "de-listed" the population, [] effectively removing Endangered Species Act protections for grizzlies in the Yellowstone National Park area.

Several environmental organizations, including the NRDC, brought a lawsuit against the federal government to relist the grizzly bear.

On 22 September , U. District Judge Donald W. Molloy reinstated protection due to the decline of whitebark pine tree, whose nuts are an important source of food for the bears.

It was argued that the population had sufficiently recovered from the threat of extinction, however numerous conservation and tribal organizations argued that the grizzly population remained genetically vulnerable.

They successfully sued the administration Crow Tribe et al v. Zinke and on July 30, , the Yellowstone grizzly was officially returned to federal protection.

Farther north, in Alberta, Canada, intense DNA hair-snagging studies in showed the grizzly population to be increasing faster than what it was formerly believed to be, and Alberta Sustainable Resource Development calculated a population of bears.

A recovery plan released by the provincial government in March indicated the grizzly population is lower than previously believed.

Environment Canada consider the grizzly bear to a "special concern" species, as it is particularly sensitive to human activities and natural threats.

In Alberta and British Columbia , the species is considered to be at risk. The Mexican grizzly bear Ursus arctos nelsoni is extinct.

Conservation efforts have become an increasingly vital investment over recent decades, as population numbers have dramatically declined.

Establishment of parks and protected areas are one of the main focuses currently being tackled to help reestablish the low grizzly bear population in British Columbia.

One example of these efforts is the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary located along the north coast of British Columbia; at 44, hectares , acres in size, it is composed of key habitat for this threatened species.

Regulations such as limited public access, as well as a strict no hunting policy, have enabled this location to be a safe haven for local grizzlies in the area.

The Refuge for Endangered Wildlife located on Grouse Mountain in Vancouver is an example of a different type of conservation effort for the diminishing grizzly bear population.

The refuge is a five-acre terrain which has functioned as a home for two orphaned grizzly bears since Another factor currently being taken into consideration when designing conservation plans for future generations are anthropogenic barriers in the form of urban development and roads.

These elements are acting as obstacles, causing fragmentation of the remaining grizzly bear population habitat and prevention of gene flow between subpopulations for example, Banff National Park.

This, in turn, is creating a decline in genetic diversity, and therefore the overall fitness of the general population is lowered.

In the United States, national efforts have been made since for the recovery plan of grizzly bears. The Interagency Grizzly Bear Recovery Committee is one of many organizations committed to the recovery of grizzly bears in the lower 48 states.

Fish and Wildlife initiated the process of an environmental impact statement that started in the fall of to begin the recovery process of grizzly bears to the North Cascades region.

In early March , the U. The population has risen from bears in to an estimated in , and was "delisted" in June In the past 20 years in Alaska, ecotourism has boomed.

While many people come to Alaska to bear-hunt, the majority come to watch the bears and observe their habits.

Here bears gather in large numbers to feast on concentrated food sources, including sedges in the salt marshes, clams in the nearby tidal flats, salmon in the estuary streams, and berries on the neighboring hillsides.

Katmai National Park and Preserve is one of the best spots to view brown bears. The bear population in Katmai is estimated at a healthy 2, At Brooks Camp, a famous site exists where grizzlies can be seen catching salmon from atop a platform—you can even view this online from a cam.

Coastal areas host the highest population densities year round because there is a larger variety of food sources available, but Brooks Camp hosts the highest population bears.

An estimated individual bears have been identified at the falls in a single summer with as many as 74 at one time; [] 60 or more bears at the falls is a frequent sight, and it is not uncommon to see bears at the falls throughout a single day.

An estimated 3, Kodiak grizzly bears inhabit the island, 2, of these in the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Subspecies of mammal. For other uses, see Grizzly bear disambiguation. For other uses, see Grizzly disambiguation.

Conservation status. Linnaeus , See also: Hypocarnivore. See also: Bear attack and List of fatal bear attacks in North America.

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Le 4 septembre , l'album filtre sur Internet. En juin , Droste travaillait sur le prochain album de Grizzly Bear [ 24 ] , [ 25 ].

Grizzly Bear. Espaces de noms Article Discussion. Wikimedia Commons.

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