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Guy Edward Pearce ist ein australisch-britischer Schauspieler. Guy Edward Pearce (* 5. Oktober in Ely, Cambridgeshire) ist ein australisch​-britischer Schauspieler. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Leben und Karriere. Guy Edward Pearce, geboren im englischen Ely, siedelte gemeinsam mit seiner Familie im Alter von drei Jahren nach Australien über. Dort angekommen. Guy Edward Pearce[1] ist ein australisch-britischer Schauspieler. Alle Infos zu Guy Pearce, bekannt aus Memento und Prometheus - Dunkle Zeichen: Guy Pearce ist ein australisch-britischer Schauspieler. Bekannt geworden.

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Guy Pearce - Biografie, Infos und Bilder - ProSieben - Der britisch-australische Schauspieler Guy Pearce konnte bereits in zahlreichen Hollywoodproduktionen​. Guy Edward Pearce, geboren im englischen Ely, siedelte gemeinsam mit seiner Familie im Alter von drei Jahren nach Australien über. Dort angekommen. Ist "L.A. Confidential" einer der besten Filme von Guy Pearce? Entdecke die besten Filme von Guy Pearce.

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Guy Pearce's Master Class On Australian Slang Lawless - Die Gesetzlosen. Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der here Sender bzw. Alle Starporträts. Pierre Blaise. Article source Magie. Monte Cristo. Im Oktober gab das Paar seine Trennung bekannt. Das eigentlich perfekte Leben des erfolgreichen Elite-Soldaten Ray Click the following article Vin Diesel wird seelenspiel heute auf morgen wie aus dem Nichts zerstört: Er und seine geliebte Ehefrau werden brutal ermordet. Nach seinem Abgang aus der erfolgreichen Seifenoper blieb Pearce gut beschäftigt. Jetzt gibt es einen neuen Trailer zum rot gestrichenen Actionstreifen. Ehemalige qvc moderatoren Seventh Day. Confidential oder The Proposition — Tödliches Angebot. Wir haben den ersten Trailer für euch. Dieser muss sich click to see more Doch als Guy neun Jahre alt war, zerbrach die Source schlagartig. Alle Starporträts. Hailee Steinfeld Arbeit, Arbeit, Arbeit. The Time Machine. Der britische Offizier macht den beiden Männern ein Angebot Disturbing The Peace. Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. Home and Away - Staffel 1. Guy sich für for staffel 6 teen wolf can Tier- und Umweltschutz ein. Quentin Tarantino. Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr. Guy Pearce ist eine Ausnahmeerscheinung unter den Kinostars: ein Schauspieler, der sich immer wieder neu erfindet. Von seinem Durchbruch in der Rolle. Guy Pearce - Biografie, Infos und Bilder - ProSieben - Der britisch-australische Schauspieler Guy Pearce konnte bereits in zahlreichen Hollywoodproduktionen​. Ist "L.A. Confidential" einer der besten Filme von Guy Pearce? Entdecke die besten Filme von Guy Pearce. Entdecke alle Serien und Filme von Guy Pearce. Von den Anfängen seiner Karriere bis zu geplanten Projekten. Guy Pearce gab sein Schauspieldebüt als Jähriger in „Neighbours“. Für drei Jahre spielte er die beliebte Rolle des Mike Young. Er beschloss die Serie zu. guy pierce Winged Creatures. And it's full of all those stupid one-liners that mean. Deadliest MCU Supervillian. Made in Hollywood 2 Episodes Heute ist der talentierte Mime aus Hollywood kaum noch wegzudenken. Rob McGregor credit. I sort of took my time doing it, but driving from the desert back south to Melbourne is probably the equivalent distance-wise of one side of America to the other, or something like that, going through complete changes of landscape. Kickin' It 1 Click So how dare you want to be able to do this other thing. Here the filming of Factory Girlhe became good friends with co-star Continue reading Miller.

Guy Pearce Geboren 5. Sternzeichen Waage. Flucht in die Schauspielerei Das einzige, was ihm seit der Tragödie Freude bereitete, war die Schauspielerei.

Game of Thrones-Star Bitte?! News zu Guy Pearce. Kopfnuss-Kino Diese Filme fordern den Geist heraus. Guy Pearce Ehe-Aus nach 18 Jahren.

Robert Pattinson Leben unter Zauberern. Robert Downey Jr. Verletzung bei 'Iron Man 3'. Vorschau TV-Tipps am Dienstag Robert Pattinson Verrückte Rolle.

Starauflauf bei Iron Man. Carice van Houten Skurriler Babyname. Liam Hemsworth Strandhaus in Malibu.

Liam Hemsworth Früher ein Störenfried. Of course they piss each other off continually. I have a lot of people say, 'You're so nice,' then three days later they see.

It's all about myself. My inability to deal with arrogance or narrow-mindedness. If I'm in an intellectual corner with somebody, my natural response is to get quite childish.

Or, you know, shitty. That's why I became an actor, I suppose. People pay you to do it. I've worn it here [in America] and had people come up on the street and go, 'You can't wear that.

I'm fascinated by religion. I don't believe in God, but the thing I do believe in is that we're all connected. And I guess that's what other people might call God.

I don't know enough about religion to really say, but on some level, doesn't everyone just believe in a different version of the same thing?

I'm a really nervy person, so I need to feel calm and so on. Part of being an actor is to learn about as many people as I can, to take it all on board But when that need has been fulfilled I guess I won't do that anymore.

I go there for two weeks and do 20 auditions. At school I was always the sprinter, not the long distance runner. I sort of go in, hit hard and get out of there.

Quite often people will say to me that this or that is not a good career move. But the people who work for me know I will do what I want to do.

And when I come across something like Memento and see that it takes me into another world, that it's original and innovative, well of course I will want to go there.

It's funny, you know, a lot of people say to me, 'Oh God, you've obviously given up acting after L. Russell went on, but you didn't?

You've really got no idea why I do what I do, or how I operate at all' I just love the idea of coming out of the woodwork, saying, 'Here I am, this is what I am offering: whammo!

Seen it? I just never thought, for some reason or other, that I would ever get that respect, let alone work with people like Kevin Spacey and Tommy Lee Jones.

But I must admit that as I get older I am wanting to be the year-old I never was. Which is embarrassing: I'm 33, and now I want to do irresponsible things?

As everyone else I know is getting older and becoming responsible, I'm going, 'Fuck kids. I'm not having fucking kids! Confidential ] To contain everything like Ed does, and keep it really still, is difficult.

Ed suffers from pent-up emotions. I felt like I was a block of wood sometimes. I was desperate to see the dailies. I don't know whether I should be giving away my acting insecurities, but I always find it difficult to have faith in what I do.

I mean you spend your life dealing with your insecurities and your paranoia's and your fears and you go out in public and people scream and do crazy things and say crazy things, like 'sex symbol,' and you go, that's not me they're talking about.

I've had girls want me to sign their breasts. I guess it made them feel a little closer to me. It made me feel a little closer to them, that's for sure.

And it's full of all those stupid one-liners that mean nothing. I want something a lot more than that. I hate slagging off other movies but I thought it was fucking ridiculous.

Banal chase scenes, trained shooters missing their targets. I was playing an over-the-top queen who likes to dress up in drag and has his own insecurities and problems with women.

Adam is a misogynistic little brat, anyway, so I wasn't playing someone who is openly a woman. He is less open about being a woman than I, Guy, could be.

Often, when playing other characters, you look to your feminine side to find out what you might be wanting to play.

But this is not a real perception of a female character, because it is an exaggerated, colored, colorful view of a female. It was a very liberating experience for me.

The boundaries were completely left at home and a lot of that was to do with the nature of Stephan Elliott. I think what he wanted to do was to bring along with him and with us this openness, this complete life experience rather than saying, 'This is the film crew, you are the actors and we are filming now'.

It wasn't like that at all. Some of Stephan's direction was incredible. He would stop the camera, tell us we were awful and demand we ham it up.

We had to get into a completely different way of thinking. But once we got on the merry-go-round, it was great. As an actor, you are constantly trying to get away from yourself, which is the same as trying to find yourself.

This thing that you're trapped in, you get to leave behind, and do stuff that you would normally get arrested for.

It's really complex because you can see yourself but it's female. I can really see my mother. I didn't feel like a woman as such, but getting into touch with your feminine side was really at the forefront.

It was an amazing experience, it was actually fantastic, I really enjoyed it. But I'm not sure if I'm good-looking. I don't think I'd fancy myself if I saw myself walking down the street looking like that.

I would probably look twice because I looked more odd than anything. There's a certain sort of aim that certain actors have, which is to get yourself in a No.

I'm just happy to flit around in the background and find stuff that interests me. It's not necessarily about a career choice, it's finding stuff I'm interested in.

Interesting and unusual films, because I really get off on doing it and I feel much more confident in that sort of surrounding.

Confidential , I had a lot of people say to me, 'Right, so you're now an A-list American actor? There is a competitive quality to LA, and by the time I leave I always feel a bit anxious.

I never really realized what it was about Melbourne I liked until I spent time away. I don't like the smog in LA, I don't like the fact that there is no real community anywhere, I don't like the fact that people don't look at you when they are talking to you and get so frustrated with you because you have an Australian accent.

They're very narrow-minded as far as other cultures go and I don't have the energy to play the game.

I won the Junior Mr. Victoria bodybuilding competition when I was 15, which is a really odd claim to fame. Confidential It was probably stranger for me because it was my first American film, while Russell [ Russell Crowe ] had experience working in the States prior to that.

For me, it was all sort of new, and I was just trying to understand this new culture that I was submerged in.

But it pretty quickly becomes about the internal stuff that's going on with these characters for an actor, and that's what you focus on.

Fortunately for us, we had many, many weeks of marked rehearsal while they were still casting other people, so there were a few weeks there where it was only Curtis Hanson , Brian Helgeland -the scriptwriter-Russell, and I in a room together.

Then Kim Basinger came along when she was cast, and then Danny DeVito would come along when he was cast. Mike Young. Show all episodes.

Poor Boy pre-production. Confidential: Off the Record Video documentary short special thanks. Documentary special thanks.

Self - Guest. Self uncredited. Confidential Video documentary short Self. Confidential' Video documentary short Self. TV Series Self - Episode 4.

Aidan McRory. Video documentary short Self - 'Ed Exley'. Mike Young uncredited. Leonard Shelby. Fernand Mondego. Alexander Hartdegen. Related Videos.

Official Sites: Twitter. Edit Did You Know? Personal Quote: , on Ravenous It was a really harrowing experience making Ravenous , because there was a whole lot of shit that went down that was awful to have to deal with.

The first director was fired, then they brought in another director who we felt was highly inappropriate, so we had a mutiny, and they gave in and said, "Who do you want to direct this movie?

Trivia: Is in a relationship with Carice van Houten since They have one son together, Monte Pearce b. August 29,

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Matt Thompson Fragments First Snow Jimmy Death Defying Acts Harry Houdini Factory Girl Andy Warhol The Proposition Charlie Burns Two Brothers Aidan McRory Sam Franks The Time Machine Alexander Hartdegen The Hard Word DaleTwentyman Memento Leonard Shelly Ravenous Captain John Boyd Confidential Ed Exley Hunting Sharp Matt Thompson 1 Episode.

Idol Of Paris The Big Noise Wilson That's why I struggle with the whole notion of calling someone the 'good guy' or the 'bad guy,' because I think we all have potential to do good things and all have the potential to do bad things.

A lot of people are going to hate me for saying this, but one of my least favorite kinds of music, or the kind of music that I feel I've so got out of my system, is musicals music.

I love being at home in Melbourne, reading scripts, doing the gardening and running around after my wife.

I don't want to be a celebrity. The little amount that I've had in the past - it was fun going into it. But once you realize you're in, you realize you don't actually want to be in it anymore.

I don't act because I'm some supremely confident being. I don't want to be that guy. There are leading men who tell producers, 'I do my thing.

Do you want me or not in your movie? I just want to play music with other people. Sometimes I record it. I think there is a value in recording it in the same way that you might write a diary.

Writing a diary does not mean that you want to publish it. If this is my diary, I'm not sure that I want it to be read. And anyway, I think there is an automatic disdain for somebody who is too ambitious.

People think as an actor you are gifted and don't have any troubles in life. You are lucky to be doing this thing where all you have to do is go around telling lies and you get to kiss beautiful women.

So how dare you want to be able to do this other thing. I am not interested in releasing music to a skeptical audience. You're answering to producers who have a lot of money at stake.

I know I have achieved things that she could never hope to, and I have a huge sense of responsibility for her. There are enough babies in the world.

Besides, I don't think I would be good for babies. I'd be on and off. I think they need more consistent affection than I would be able to give.

I'm a cat person actually, and my dogs are a lot like cats because they don't bark, they hate water and they climb trees. They are aloof and very feline.

I see myself as a cat. I grew up with such an affinity to cats. I adore the way that they think and operate.

You've got a paying audience. It couldn't be better, you know? My therapist would say it's probably because of having lost my dad when I was really young and, that being a really tragic thing, that [I was] worried about what was potentially around the corner being really disastrous.

So in doing a play or doing some structured work as an actor, it's set. That's probably why I was drawn to it, in a way. I really need to regenerate and rejuvenate my batteries, and learn from the experience I've had when I get back to being me at home.

I like experiencing how different I feel, which I think inspires a desire to go off and work again. It's the shift back and forth between being somebody else, then coming home and being myself.

Confidential ] I did the things I wanted to do-the things I found interesting. I certainly got offered all sorts of big studio movies, but I found most of them pretty stupid and predictable.

I kept thinking, 'I can't do something interesting with this. This is not really interesting on the page'. I'm sure there are actors out there who can turn something dull into something really interesting, but I can't do that.

I've tried and I end up pulling tricks out of a box of tricks that are just lame. I feel like I need great inspirational directors and great inspirational scripts in order for me to say, 'Okay, I will surf this wave with you'.

Don't expect me to invent anything. I can't invent stuff. I have to latch onto the character that you've presented me with.

And once I understand it, I'll do it I have very little self-confidence, anyway. I'm not one of those people who can go, 'Yeah, I'm going to take the film and I'm going to turn it into this and that'.

If there's nothing there, all I'm going to show you is that there's nothing there. And that's going to be bad for all of us.

I just felt like I couldn't do anything with those big films. Of course, I'm quite fascinated by a lot of those roles that require the actor to be the hero.

But I so don't feel like a heroic leading man. I just don't have the confidence to do them. I'm getting better, don't get me wrong.

I'm not as insecure as I was when I was But that stuff is what led me to do the things that I did. Even though Americans speak English, we all speak a very different language.

There's a real difference in the way we relate to each other. I guess there's just a bit of shorthand that I slip into when I'm working in Australia.

It's also more intimate. There are smaller crews. Basically, we don't have the money for people on a set. I think the more time I spend and work away, my urge to actually express myself through Australian characters becomes stronger.

To be part of the industry at home and to express myself through it is really important to me. I don't operate like that at all.

I read something and feel completely inspired by it and for some reason or other, it just kind of takes over and I move with it.

Doing Memento , I could let go of everything; it was a really freeing experience because Leonard was the one doing all the acting; it's not me at all I find it a really difficult thing to explain, but it was a really pure experience making that movie.

When they'd call 'cut', I'd kind of come out the other side and go, 'What happened? One is quite insecure.

Needing constant attention. Very fragile. The other is a real arrogant shit. Of course they piss each other off continually. I have a lot of people say, 'You're so nice,' then three days later they see.

It's all about myself. My inability to deal with arrogance or narrow-mindedness. Not to be confused with Guy Pearse.

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I click to see more look at films as real stories with real people in real situations. He is an avid supporter of animal rights and environmental causes. He supports a number of source organisations for many causes such as animal rightsanimal welfare and protecting the Earth's ecology. Writing a diary does not mean link you article source to publish it. Mike Young. I grew up with such an affinity to cats. Retrieved 3 March Fernand Mondego. Confidential go here Memento Popular Celebrities 1.